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Where: The Cottage- 1986 South Simon Rd, Lake Leelanau, Mi 49653

When: Time- 11:00Am, August 5th, 2016

Hosts: Bob Shapton and Carl Gaertner with our families.

The Plan:

1# Chit Chat, Eat Good Food

2# Launch @ Narrows DNR Ramp

3# Staging on Church Lake and wait for everyone to launch for full effect.

4# CRUISE, The Narrows motoring north into North Lake Leelanau, route across TBD by wind direction, probably along west coast.

5# Enter Carp River

6# Leland to dock, picture OP, shop, ice cream, coffee, fudge, fish pate?


Want to do something Super Special for some great kids? Were looking for boats to give rides to some Big Brothers and Big Sisters with their counterpart. If so, and you have space and enough life jackets aboard contact...

Dennis Mykos: djmykols@comcast.net or 1-616-638-1692

We will pair you with your riders at the DNR ramp. Pics of some happy kids boating coming!